for COMPANIES with recurring revenue

Get paid by the year, charge by the

Stop pushing your customers into discounted annual subscriptions. Your subscriptions are an asset, trade them like one.

One click, instant payout

It’s that easy. As if all of your customers converted to annual plans overnight.

Convert more customers

Flexibility. Your customers prefer it. Give them what they want, while still getting paid upfront.

Loved by industry leaders

So what exactly is trading subscriptions?

Companies use our platform to sell the recurring revenue from a cohort of customers to investors for dilution-free capital.

What about churn?

In the case it happens, simply swap out churned subscriptions with active ones. No penalties or fees.

Seamlessly integrated

Pipe works effortlessly with your existing tools.

Sync with your existing subscription manager

Pipe constantly syncs your subscriptions in real-time.

Automated monthly statements

Your accounting team doesn’t need to lift a finger.

No extra work for your team

It’s that simple. Pipe pulls data in real-time so your team can focus on what’s important.

Never take on debt or dilution again

We’ve pioneered a new platform where investors compete to purchase your recurring revenue.