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Pipe gives you control over your cash flow. Get access to the full annual value of your monthly and quarterly subscriptions, upfront.

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  • Pipe advances you the full contract value
  • 100% free for your customers
  • 100% non-dillutive for you

Sync your existing billing platform to unlock capital,

Is monthly/quarterly billing a popular payment option for your customers? Pipe advances you the full year of contract value, you continue collecting from your customers monthly/quarterly - they don't know we exist!

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Or use our hosted checkout and convert more customers.

Checkout lets you focus on product and sales, we pay you upfront for the year and handle the term billing for your customers.

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We handle subscriptions of all shapes and sizes.

We can turn month to month, quarterly and annual subscriptions that have monthly or quarterly payment terms into a full year of cashflow, instantly.

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{ "id": "ch_iodf3hna",
"status": "payment_pending",
“monthly_payment: 10000000,
"payment_method": "ach"


Pipe loves your developers.

Pipe can integrate with all major CRMs. Our robust API allows your developers to build tools that work seamlessly with your checkout flow.

All the great reasons to grow with Pipe.

Increase your win-rate.

Offer your customers attractive monthly/quarterly payment terms and still get paid upfront.

Increase your ACV.

You no longer have to discount your ACV to get paid upfront.

Close deals faster.

No more threshold issues. Turn your prospect into the decision maker.

Lightning fast application process.

Get a decision within minutes of signing up and connecting your accounts.

No need to upcharge.

Pipe doesn't cost your customers anything, in fact - they don't even know we exist.

Grow your business with your revenue

Say goodbye to dilution and debt, achieve your goals by selling your product.