What is Pipe?

Pipe is the new way for SaaS companies to finance their business without debt or dilution. We turn your MRR into ARR by advancing you a full year of booked revenue. It’s as if all of your monthly and quarterly customers paid you upfront!

How does Pipe work?

Pipe syncs with your existing subscription management, accounting, and banking systems to underwrite your business in minutes. Once you’re approved, Pipe advances up to a year’s worth of your contract value upfront. You get to choose how much you want to utilize, based on your business’s needs. It’s a win-win – you get the cash you need in a few clicks without debt or dilution, and you don’t have to discount your annual contract value.

Do I need to communicate to my customers that we’re using Pipe?

No. Pipe doesn’t disrupt the billing workflow or interfere with customer relationships, in fact - your customers don’t even know we exist! After your customers pay you each month or quarter, Pipe collects the monthly or quarterly subscription payments from you.

Is Pipe right for my company?

Pipe works with SaaS companies who have proven product-market fit and predictable customer retention metrics. The best way to see if Pipe is right for your business is to go through our onboarding flow – there's absolutely no commitment or upfront fees unless you decide to use Pipe and transact with us.

Do you work with non-US companies?

Yes we do. Please go through our onboarding flow to see if Pipe is right for your company, and we’ll go from there!

Does it cost anything to sign up?

There is no cost or commitment to go through onboarding and get approved for an account. We do not charge any fees until you choose to transact with us.

What’s your pricing structure?

Our rates vary depending on volume. To see if you’re a fit for Pipe and what your rates are, go through our onboarding flow – no commitment or upfront fees until you choose to transact with us.

How much does it cost to use Pipe?

Pipe does not charge interest, however we take a discount on your annualized contract value at a rate lower than the steep discounts most SaaS companies offer their customers for annual pre-paid subscriptions. It’s a win–win –– you get cash in a few clicks without debt or dilution, and you don’t have to lower your annual contract value charged to your customers!

What’s the maximum amount of cash I can receive through Pipe?

Each company we work with is unique, and the amount of cash available varies from business to business, but we can reevaluate your account on a weekly basis so that the amount we’re able to provide can grow with your business.

Why do I need to connect my accounts before accessing the platform?

Linking your accounts is crucial for verifying your eligibility. By syncing with your existing subscription management platform, accounting software, and bank accounts, we are able to underwrite your business. It’s also how we make payments to you once you’re on-boarded.

I’m having trouble connecting my accounts

We’re so sorry to hear that. Please reach out to support@pipe.com to let us know what the issue is, and someone will help you. There’s always a fix! We guarantee it.

How does Pipe work once my accounts are connected?

A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your business needs, and once we establish these, we’ll have you up and running in no time. It takes approximately 15 minutes to give you a decision on your account, however, please note that due to high demand, there is currently a waitlist for onboarding.

What do I commit to by signing up for Pipe and linking my accounts?

There is no commitment by signing up. We do not charge any fees until you choose to transact with us.

What do you look for during the underwriting process?

In order to underwrite your business, Pipe is looking for a history of solid financial performance, along with predictable cash flow and customer metrics (i.e. churn, revenue retention). That’s why we sync with your existing subscription management, accounting, and banking systems – we need to have a holistic view of your business in order to underwrite it. We work with companies of all sizes, from $100k ARR to $100M+ ARR!

How do I report the cash flow received from Pipe in company financial statements?

You should seek advice from your professional financial or tax advisors, but many Pipe customers, depending on their specific accounting policy and the time-frame of the sold subscriptions, either: Book the cash received against existing Accounts Receivables OR book the cash received against Deferred Revenue/Pre-payments.

The cash advance from Pipe does not accelerate revenue recognition. Again, please consult your financial or tax advisor in order to make an informed decision for your business.

How do I get paid, and how do I make payments?

During the onboarding process you sign our ACH authorization which allows us to both deposit and withdraw from your linked bank account. Before each transaction, we will notify you via the Pipe platform and email.

What happens if a subscriber churns?

If a subscriber churns before the 12 month period, you have two options. You can simply rebate our advance on a prorated basis with no penalty, or you can pipe a new subscription of equal or greater value to cover the rebate of the churned account. You can see the exact impact on all future cash flows in your dashboard.

How often can I pipe new or additional subscriptions?

You can add as many subscriptions as often as you like within the total account limit provided as a result of our underwriting process. This limit is automatically reassessed at least every 30 days and can increase or decrease based on your business’s performance.